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Access is below rubber so it's not visible when range is done.

Custom  External Access

Custom access points drilled to keep from entering showrooms. Once complete, all holes are sealed ​with concrete caulking.

      Ph: 1-252-571-4439

Granulated Rubber Backstop Cleaning

Rubber Berm Range Cleaning

R.O.C is setting the bar in the indoor gun range cleaning industry! ROC is the leader of Rifle, Pistol, and Shotgun ranges covering all states from Texas east. We have years of experience, and have engineered a piece of equipment that is changing the way Granulated Indoor Rubber Berm Ranges are being cleaned!

ROC will process your rubber, removing all dust, debris, and lead. Our system will take out the trash, and discharge the cleaned, processed rubber right back on your range! No more shotgun wads, trash from paper targets, it will all be removed! Your range is left looking as new as when it was first installed!

ROC is the only company that “cleans” your rubber. With other companies, they will take your lead, and leave the trash for you. Don’t leave your range a mess, CALL R.O.C !